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This story revolves 
surround a life of an 
elderly Romanian woman 
who suddenly disappears
from a quiet 
neighborhood in Virginia. 
Nobody  looks for her. 
Four years pass by.
One fine morning her 
neighbors make a gruesome 
discovery that leaves 
them speechless.
They realize in shock how 
disconnected they all are.Placeholder Image


Canvas - a Shocking true story of loneliness
and isolation, in a world - inundated
with social media - never lonely, never isolated

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“Journey” is the story of modern India – a country with one of the oldest civilizations of the world, with a rather conservative social structure and values, with strong family ties and, at the same time, with one of the fastest growing young economies of the 21 century.

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A publisher, a poet and an author caught in a age old dilemma. To pay or Not to Pay!

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